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Upcoming Events 5/22 – 6/24

May 22, SF

Join us at Tagged for BUILDUP: Building Innovation, Hardware and Patents, a panel discussion around hardware, wearables and the digital currency space.

May 27, SF

As a partner company of sf.citi, Tagged will attend the sf.girls Summer Kickoff event. The event will feature STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fair activities for girls and their families in addition to a number of STEM-focused organizations.

June 11, SF

Our CEO Greg Tseng will be speaking on an entertainment panel at Glimpse: The Social Discovery Conference.

June 24, SF

Tagged will be hosting a Tech in Motion: Future of Mobile meetup at our HQ.

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Mobbing @ Tagged

Where it started

It’s 2 a.m. on a Friday. You have been sitting in a windowless computer lab in the basement of the CS department for almost the entire day. You and your three project partners are not out that night because every single one of you really loves writing low-level C code to optimize that matrix multiplication assignment due next week. You argue about implementation, make design decisions together, pass the keyboard back-and-forth – everyone’s eyes glued to one screen. You’re completely in the zone. You’re in sync. You have flow.

Achieving that flow is one of the hardest problems in the workplace. There are countless theories as to what is the best way to get there. But what if you just tried to do exactly what you did in college? That’s what we did at Tagged, and it worked.

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Albert Eloyan

Albert Eloyan is a Software Engineer I on the Tagged Web team.

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Open Sourcing iOS Components

At Tagged, we embrace open source as part of our engineering culture, always looking for ways to best support our own products while also sharing what we learn with the outside world.

Now, as we shift to a smartphone-oriented world, Tagged pivots its strategy to focus more on native mobile platforms. With this focus in mind, we are happy to introduce two of Tagged’s latest contributions to the open-source community: iOS-cat-scroller and iOS-voting-stack. Continue Reading

Brickhouse comes to Tagged

Brickhouse is a library of user-defined functions for Hive and Hadoop that enables the agile development of big data pipelines. It provides tools and techniques that allow those pipelines to process larger datasets more robustly. The Brickhouse project was developed at Klout, whose team will continue to use and build upon Brickhouse and hosts the github repo. Since I’ve recently joined the Tagged team and am the the primary maintainer of Brickhouse, we’re going to start using it at Tagged as well.

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Upcoming Events @ Tagged 4/1 – 5/1

On April 1 SF Data Science will join us at Tagged for a MeetUp on Data Science and Machine Learning for Social Good, sponsored by Zipfian Academy.

Tagged will host a MeetUp on Adding Native SQL Support to Spark with Catalyst for the Spark Users group at our HQ on April 8.


Tagged will be hosting a MeetUp for Women in Data Science at our HQ on May 1. This MeetUp will focus on how women contribute to data science and what companies can do to empower women in this field.