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Mobile Monday @ Tagged: Women Who Code

Tagged promotes diversity both at our company and also in the broader tech industry. We’re always looking to partner with groups that share this goal, so last week we were proud to welcome Women Who Code to our HQ.

A small group of women joined us for a mobile study group, which was part of a three-session sprint for Android development bootcamp. This is a relatively fast-paced course that touches on several essential parts of Android development.

By the end of the class, attendees knew how to finish writing a simple To-Do-List application, so they were able to learn how to modify layout files to update application UI, implement a ListView widget with an ArrayAdapter and add keyboard listeners in an Activity for EditText objects. As a bonus, the instructor demonstrated how to add one additional line of code to show a toast message in-app!

The hands-on, step-by-step approach of the class made each piece of code much easier to understand. I’m sure by the time we were done, many attendees were already thinking of ways to make the application look fresher and run smoother. In the next session they’ll be learning to use content providers, local cache/database and intent services to make the To-Do-List application even better. Way to go ladies!

Ilona Sheynkman contributed to this post.

Haiyan Wu

Hayain Wu is a Software Engineer II on the mobile team at Tagged.

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8 Takeaways from F8

I recently attended Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference. Here are my 8 takeaways:

1. Predictability

Facebook emphasizes getting a simple idea to production as fast as possible; the general sentiment is to build better quality code by default. To enable this, they focus on predictability throughout the code base. It should be easy for an engineer to read through the flow of the code. Simply put, given an input state, the output state should be predictable and reproducible. This philosophy has helped them maintain a manageable code base as they’ve scaled their engineering team. Predictable logic flows through the code, which allows them to spend their time gathering metrics and iterating as fast as possible rather than tracing through complex code interactions and trying to keep it all in their heads at the same time.

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Barrett Cook

Barrett Cook is an engineering manager on the web team at Tagged.

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Mark on UX

UX Principles for Mobile

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on  at the Designing and Developing for Mobile workshop put on by AngelHack. The event was attended by a spirited crowd of over 250 designers and developers, and included some insightful presentations from Janice Fraser, Founder & CEO of LUXr, and Aryeh Selekman, from Facebook.

UX is a great passion of mine and I’m excited by the new paradigm of designing continuity for products on multiple screen sizes. My presentation covered some tips & tricks for mobile design, analyzing mobile as a unique user experience, and how best to move forward in responsive design given the capabilities of the many devices for which we design.

I’ve embedded my slides below for anyone interested and will have the recorded screencast up shortly. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment below or reach me at mlieberwitz@tagged.com if you have any questions!

Mark Lieberwitz is Mobile Product Manager at Tagged.