Author : Ran Tao

Tech Talk: Design + UX

“Design you say? Pah, leave it to the designers! And leave me to my PHP and Node.js.”

Not so fast. As it turns out, the more you know about design, the more efficient you can be with your development work, leaving more time to focus on coding.

As Tagged’s Senior UI Designer, I want to remind you that even the most hardcore coders should think about design. Why? Because by considering a few practical design and UX practices, developers can create and code better products – while saving time typically spent backtracking with designers. Design and development actually share many principles in common, including: unified hierarchy, elegant simplicity, consistency and scalability/flexibility.

Each week at Tagged’s Development Workshops, we present best practices in product development. In this presentation, I discussed some essential design foundations for developers including:

  • Top-seven design principles for developers
  • Standardizing common elements with style guides
  • 960 grid system for layouts
  • The responsive Web, and designing for multiple-screen resolutions

Check out my video presentation and download the slides here. Got a design question? Leave a comment below or email me at